Organizational Services

Purchasing real estate property abroad requires expertise and knowledge of the area. The Kristal Hill team is experienced with local legislation. Our consultants are familiar with the area and they guide you from A to Z in purchasing your home in Montenegro. A cast-iron certainty you can rely on.

Renting out the houses

As the construction of the houses develops we take into account that they can easily be rented out. To achieve this we carefully pick location, design level and degree of comfort. All the homes match these criteria and so they form the basis for an interesting possibility for the houses to be rented out.

Increase in value

Our strength lies in the capability to select attractive locations. We build in refined architecture, having an eye for detail in accordance with European quality standards.These are important aspects which have a positive effect on the increase in value of your second home. Interested in a home in Montenegro? With Kristal Hill you have hit the right address. We have specialised in developing real estate projects at the most beautiful locations in Montenegro. Lately we have started selling villas and apartments in the municipality of Budva: the Kristal Hill project with all residences having a view on the Adriatic Sea.